Space Capsules (in Production)

"By packing the best of these (Space) images into compact, accessible formats, "Space Capsules" brings these within reach of millions of people.

I have great pleasure in recommending this film to you.”

-Sir Arthur C. Clarke, Author, "2001: A Space Odyssey"


'Space Capsules' is a musical and visual voyage through Space, Time and the Universe!

The format is 12 segments (or capsules, from the word ‘encapsulation’), about 4-6 minutes each.

The Hubble Telescope's views of our universe have astounded, fascinated, inspired and given us a deeper breadth and understanding into all aspects of the universe by studying the visual and ultra-violet spectrums with its unobscured views of the cosmos. At the same time it has shown us the history of our own existence, where we came from and how we'll end up.

Space Capsules - Trailers

The trailers above feature animations including Supernovae, Galaxies, Black Holes, Planetary System formation, and much, much more.

Space Viz has been recognized by these organizations:

Space Viz is listed in Appendix E of this NASA Workshop! All 'Space Viz' DVD's are part of the permanent collection at the 'Lunar and Planetary Institute (LPI)', a NASA-funded Institute! The SETI Institute links to Space Viz on this page! ESA has approved of our work! The Australian Planetary Society links to Space Viz on this page! Read a review of 'Planetary Defense' from 'Booklist'! Read a review of 'Planetary Defense' from 'The Library Journal'! All Space Viz Productions, including ‘Motion Pictures’ (‘Videos’), ‘Sound Recordings’ and ‘Soundtracks’, including the ‘Planetary Defense’ Soundtrack, are Registered and Copyrighted with the ‘Library of Congress’.  Click here to visit the ‘Library of Congress’ web site. 'Space Viz' on

Some major Space Viz Television broadcasters have included:

Space Viz's 'Contact: The Search for ExtraTerrestrial Intelligence' has been broadcast on select PBS stations in the United States! CFCF12-TV, part of the CTV Network has broadcast several of our works! Space Viz's 'Odyssey of Survival' has been broadcast on TVOntario in Canada! Space Viz's 'Contact: The Search for ExtraTerrestrial Intelligence' has been broadcast on STAR-TV in Asia!

Space Capsules (in Production)

Space Capsules is the story of the Universe, how we got here and where we will end up! “Twelve ‘Space Capsules’ that changed the Universe! In Production.

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A Space Viz Production - Space Capsules
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Space Capsules (Coming Soon)

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